On-Site Collections

Nationwide provide of drug and alcohol testing services and solutions, centrally located in the United States, with our headquarters based in Omaha, Nebraska.

Here’s how our On-Site Collections Work


A drug test at a clinic is susceptible to cheating. Without monitoring during transport, employees can obtain adulterants or ‘clean’ urine. Escorting them from work to on-site collections reduces chances of tampering.

Cost Reduction

Upfront costs of on-site collections may seem higher, but consider the hidden costs of off-site collections:

  1. Loss of productivity and supervision during off-site trips.
  2. On-site testing minimizes employee downtime.
  3. Lower liability risks for incidents.

Scheduling Flexibility

Our collectors are available 24/7/365, without the hassle for appointments or concern about clinic hours.

Whether you’re a certified DOT collector or looking to become one, contact us for contracting opportunities and join us in delivering exceptional services to our clients.

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