Midlands Testing Services, Inc.

Midlands Testing Services, Inc.

We are more than a provider.

We are a partner in helping you attain your goals.

On-Site Collections

Our solutions are designed to not only save you valuable time but also to reduce your overall testing expenditures while mitigating potential risks. Our customers consistently commend us for out swift response times, expertly informed collectors, and the reliability of our 24-hour dispatch center.

DAT Software Solutions

Effectively managing a multitude of collections, whether in the hundreds or even thousands, can be an intricate and challenging undertaking. Say goodbye to the hassles of relying on spreadsheets, laborious faxing, and hours of extensive research. Instead, streamline your operations effortlessly with our user-friendly collection management system, offering a singular, all-in-one solution to simplify your workload.

Consulting & Training

Comprehensive training is the linchpin for success, benefiting not only employers but also collection companies. We place paramount importance on delivering top-tier training to both, and we’re proud to partner with the DAT Institute to offer the cutting-edge Online Professional Academy.

Our consulting services extends a valuable lifeline to employers, addressing their inquires and concerns related to drug and alcohol programs, and ensuring they have access to the gudance they need.

Our Solutions

At Midlands Testing Services, Inc., our unwavering commitment is to assist you in discovering optimal solutions tailored to your unique requirements. We’ve harnessed industry-leading software to revolutionize and streamline the conventional data collection and training procedures, rendering them obsolete. Our suite of solutions is specially designed to excel in areas such as strategic planning, real-time tracking, seamless data collection, and comprehensive collector training. Explore the full scope of what we can offer, and how we can elevate your operations to new heights.

Our Industries

We continuously embrace a growing array of market and industry prospects, with our primary focus currently dedicated to the Rail and Airline sectors. We are committed to expanding our portfolio by forging partnerships with exceptional organizations and people. Contact us to discover more about our expertise and the innovative solutions we bring to these industries.

Our Collector Network

Are you already an experienced collector, or are you interested in embarking on a rewarding journey as one? To delve deeper into the exciting prospects and insights this captivating career has to offer, we invite you to explore our dedicated collector network.