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Managing a drug and alcohol testing program necessitates meticulous coordination and thorough record-keeping, as it is susceptible to a notable degree of human error. Unidentified errors pose risks to employees in the workplace and can lead to unnecessary expenses and substantial fines. Enter Dottie, our in-house collection management software designed to alleviate these challenges.

Dottie is our internally developed workflow management software for drug and alcohol testing. It offers a user-friendly, cloud-based system that seamlessly oversees the various aspects of dispatching, collection reporting/tracking, and billing processes, ensuring perfect harmony.

Previously, the management of a drug and alcohol testing program entailed a significant amount of labor and was susceptible to substantial human errors. These errors not only jeopardized the safety of employees in the workplace but also resulted in avoidable costs and substantial fines. However, with the introduction of Dottie, employers can now redirect their focus towards program objectives, rather than expending resources on rectifying costly mistakes. Dottie represents a revolutionary solution, offering unparalleled improvements in the quality and cost-effectiveness of your drug testing program.

Streamline the Collection Process

Automatic Document Pairing

One-Click Reporting

Error Tracking

On-Site Collections

Conducting drug and alcohol testing on-site reduces overall testing expenses and mitigates potential risks. Our dispatch center operates around the clock, every day of the year, ensuring that a certified collector can reach locations in over 40 states within two hours. The advantages of on-site drug testing are advantageous for any company, whether their Drug and Alcohol Testing program is DOT mandated or not. Fortune 500 companies widely embrace on-site testing due to its recognized benefits in terms of time and cost savings, as well as risk reduction.

Training & Consulting

A strong knowledge base serves as the cornerstone for success in drug and alcohol programs, benefiting both employers and collection companies. When employees and supervisors possess a clear understanding of the regulations and indicators of drug and alcohol abuse, they can take proactive measures to enhance employee safety and mitigate potential exposure and risks. In a world that is evolving rapidly, maintaining a comprehensive drug testing program can be a challenging endeavor. Employers are urged to seek answers to their inquiries through consultation. Some issues can be swiftly resolved with a simple phone call, while others may necessitate a more hands-on and personalized approach.