Consulting & Training Services

Nationwide provide of drug and alcohol testing services and solutions, centrally located in the United States, with our headquarters based in Omaha, Nebraska.


Staying current in the dynamic drug and alcohol testing industry can be challenging. Employers with Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs are encouraged to reach out for solutions. Many issues can be resolved with a simple phone call, while some require a more hands-on approach. We’re ready to provide Quotes and Statements of Work documentation for tailored service.

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Training serves as the cornerstone for employers and collection companies. We offer top-notch training for both. Employers benefit from our Supervisory Training and Employee Training on drug and alcohol effects and abuse. When employees and supervisors grasp the rules and signs of substance use, a more effective testing program is established. Collectors must adhere to regulations, and we’ve invested significantly in an online professional development academy for our Breath Testers and Urine Collectors to enhance professionalism and efficiency.

It is wise to invest in your front-line people. If our collectors are knowledgeable and efficient, they become the best ambassadors for our company.” – Lorelee Byrd, CEO

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