Our History

Midlands Testing Services, Inc. first began in 2003. A few local businesses were the first clients. It began as a ‘one person shop’ servicing the Union Pacific Railroad. A special emphasis was placed on customer service and meticulous adherence to the DOT regulations. This work ethic and knowledge of the regulations lead to the recognition throughout the area by a number of larger businesses. Since this very humble beginning Midlands Testing Services, Inc. has grown with each passing year.

The family business began with one mobile collector that over time completed over 20,000 tests. Due to the extensive experience inspired the creation of industry’s leading software. Recognizing the challenges faced by both collectors and program administrators, it was aimed to revolutionize the testing process, which was often plagued by outdated practices, paper documents, spreadsheets, and faxes.

Ryan Byrd came on board and his vision of technology-driven efficiency led to the development and implementation of Dottie, our cloud-based in-house solution. Dottie streamlines the entire testing process, providing custom collection management workflows, electronic scheduling, and clear document scans. It’s a versatile tool for both our collector network and program administrators, offering features like EBT accuracy tracking, supply management, follow-up programs, data retention, and quick access for MTSI reporting.

In 2015, we secured the national contract for the Union Pacific Railroad. Word of our exceptional customer service and software efficiencies quickly spread, attracting the interest of other railroads.

In 2017, we proudly added a second Class One Railroad client, expanding our mobile collector network into new regions. This marked our transition to our National Headquarters at 711 North 108 Court, Omaha, Nebraska, where we upgraded our call center software and streamlined our work processes.

2018 brought another significant milestone as we added a third Class One Railroad client east of the Mississippi. With this addition, we established a coast-to-coast mobile collector network.

In 2019, we on boarded another Class One Railroad and continued to grow our mobile collector network.

In 2020 we continued to grow and added another Class One Railroad.

2021 brought another Class One Railroad.

As of January 1st, 2024, we are the sole provider of service to all but one Class One Railroad.  We service 165 short line railroads.  We have also began to expand into the Airline industry and are looking forward to what the next few years will bring.

Our growth has been consistent, and with each new client, we broaden our footprint in the industry. We appreciate and value every customer, and our commitment to serving clients remains unwavering, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day—anytime.

Ryan Byrd serves as the CEO of Midlands Testing Services, Inc. Ryan is a committed professional ensuring the highest level of customer service and innovation to the customer. There are several software initiatives currently underway and more enhancements planned for 2023. The software solutions developed by Midlands continues to deliver efficiencies for the end users, including DER’s, program managers, auditors, accounting personnel and others that are an important part of testing process.

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