Collection Management Software

Meet Dottie

Dottie stands as our in-house drug and alcohol testing collection management software, boasting a user-friendly, cloud-based system that orchestrates the intricate components of dispatching, collection reporting/tracking, and billing processes with seamless precision. At the core of Dottie lies a potent workflow engine, securely housed in redundant data hosting centers and vigilantly overseen by dedicated engineering teams, ensuring round-the-clock reliability, every day of the year.

Historically, managing a drug testing compliance program was a labor-intensive endeavor susceptible to significant human errors. These errors not only posed risks to employees in the workplace but also led to preventable expenses and harsh fines. However, with Dottie, employers can now shift their focus towards program objectives, rather than expending resources rectifying costly mishaps. Dottie represents an unparalleled solution for enhancing the quality and cost-effectiveness of your drug testing program like no other.

Automatic Document Pairing

Swiftly matches collection information with chain of custody forms, significantly minimizing the occurrence of discrepancies or missing information, thereby safeguarding companies from DOT fines.

DAT Software Solutions

Say goodbye to the tedious task of sifting through spreadsheets and mountains of paper to find the insights you seek. Let Dottie handle the heavy lifting for you. Leveraging real-time data, Dottie can swiftly generate reports that used to take hours, or even days, in a matter of seconds. Thanks to Dottie’s comprehensive database, your reports can be customized to suit your unique requirements, providing you with the flexibility you need.

Consulting & Training

Let’s stick to the essentials. Dottie is ready to provide the key insights in a high-level executive overview that enables you to steer your program effectively. Thanks to client-level customization, Dottie adapts to your workflow and presents the information you require. What used to take hours or even days to compile is now at your fingertips in no time at all.

Cutting Edge Automation

Equipped with a built-in audit trail, Dottie can monitor collectors who might be submitting excessive mileage or wait times, potentially inflating your costs. This is just one of several performance metrics that can influence a collector’s score when Dottie determines which collector to dispatch to your collection site.

Certificate & Accuracy Monitoring

We keep a watchful eye on employee certificates and EBT accuracies, ensuring that Collectors remain current and that no certificates have expired. While notifications are dispatched to prevent anyone from falling behind, Dottie refrains from dispatching collectors to on-site locations if they are inactive or have inaccuracies in their records.

Executive Dashboard

Dottie can diligently monitor the number of errors made by collectors. Each mistake made by a collector impacts their weighted efficiency score. Collectors who fall short of maintaining high standards are flagged, and corrective training is scheduled until proficiency is restored.

Collector-Driven Data Entry

Dottie empowers collectors with data entry responsibilities through a user-friendly web portal accessible from the cloud. This approach eliminates errors that can occur when data entry clerks are not familiar with the collection process. Moreover, it reduces operating costs for employees, resulting in faster and more accurate information delivery to the client.

Accounts Payable

Because Dottie has insights into all collections made on behalf of your company, she is adept at streamlining the payroll preparation for collectors and crafting billing files to be sent back to clients. The payroll and billing reports are comprehensive, containing collection-specific details, making reconciliation a straightforward process.

3rd Party Integration

Dottie is your reliable neighbor. With the capability to seamlessly receive, process, and synchronize data with your existing company systems, maintaining system harmony becomes effortless. Say goodbye to repetitive and error-prone tasks, like manually entering data into multiple systems, and let Dottie handle data integration. And if you don’t currently have a system in place, don’t fret – Dottie can operate independently.

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